We follow developments in cooking and coffee technology very close. This are a few interesting products we discovered and rediscovered in january 2019.

Delonghi Maestosa EPAM 960.75.GLM  The future coffee maker. This premium full automatic will raise the bar for the next generation fully automatic coffeemakers. It might not be the best selling automatic ever, but it will challenge every other model and every other brand. In the next 5 or 6 years this new EPAM technolgy will find its way to other more affortable models based on this platform. 

One of the unique features is the 'interlock design'. Parts are all adjusted to each other so parts can be squezed into a smaller confinement, saving space and reduce external dimensions. Also key components are redesigned, for instance the coffeegrinders are large flat burr grinder instead of small conical burr ones.  This allone will result in a much better coffee quality, but the grinders are also automatical set to fine when preparing a ristretto. And when the next cup is a lungo, de grinder is automatical set to 'coarse'. The seem thing is done with milkfoam preparation, so good consistency an right temperature is garantied. This is a technologic breakthough and set the Delonghi Maestosa above professional coffeemakers like WMF and Schearer. 

Much of the design proves that the Maestosa might be a large premium machine, the next models of the EPAM platform will be much smaller. Parts are well designed and of good quality to improve longevity and easy of maintenance. Running cost will be lower compared with other premium machines or professional ones. Unfortunatly Delonghi didn't released the Maestosa for sale, but we'll continue to investigate this revolutionairy new 'coffee platform' and will invite you when it's available.

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CANDL TPU cutting boards. The premium alternative for wooden cutting boards . Allthough TPU is sold by us for over 2 years it still is little known. TPU stands for Thermoplastic PolyUrethane. This material is elastic but incredible strong. A cooking knife is almost incapable to damage the TPU cutting board. The TPU material bents around the egde of a knife, instead of beeing sliced by it. No deep cutting marks are left behind. Polythylene and polypropylene boards do get deep cutting marks in use. Food spoils and bacteria hide in those cutting marks and conterminate all food that comes in contact with the cutting board. Decontarmination is differcult because Polyethyle en Polypropylene isn't much thermoresistant. So, TPU cutting board are less vunerable for wear and tear and thermoresistant up to 150 C. Decontarmination is effortless, put it in boiling water for 4 to 8 minutes. It's totally dishwasher safe. 

Cutting on a TPU board feels like cutting on a wooden board. The bigger boards don't slide on the kitchen counter, in contary to wooden or plastic ones. TPU boards can be folded slightly to form a funnel to pour sliced vegetables into pots and pans. TPU is ideal material to work with in a hyper hygiënic enviroment.

Candl blauwCandl-TPU 38x25 €32,50  Candl TPU 26x17 €9,95

Candl oranjeCandl-TPU 38x25 €32,50  Candl TPU 26x17 €9,95

Candle TPU groenCandl-TPU 38x25 €32,50  Candl TPU 26x17 €9,95 Candl paarsCandl-TPU 38x25 €32,50  Candl TPU 26x17 €9,95 Professionele TPU snijplankenCandl TPU 53x33 €54,00 professionele plank GN1

Delonghi Dinamica Plus ECAM 370.95.T  DeLonghi stands for progress. The Dinamica sequell is again reviewed and important improvements are made. This led to the new Dinamica Plus, ready for extensive use at the highest level. A connaisseurs level one-touch automatic coffeemaker. New features are a heavy duty pump, newly developed heating elements. Improved pressure resilent extraction system (infusor, brewhead) and of course redeveloped electronics. A LCD touchscreen and of course fully compatible with your smartphone via Bluetooth. This next gen Dimacica is given a new code: the ECAM 370-series instead of the older ECAM 350.75 or ECAM 350.55.

The Delonghi ECAM 370.95.T Oostendorp Edition and the ECAM 370.85.S standard edition are the best choice for demanding coffe lovers. The Oostendorp edition comes with a 4 year warranty [1], 2 free maintenance turns, 1 kg premium coffee, machine adjusments and user training. A complete package and a major warranty extention; only available at Oostendorp cooking shop.

[1] 4 years warranty limited at 12.000 cups working on good quality coffeebeans an based on carry-in repairs at our shop. We'll provide you a list of good quality bean suppliers.

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